Pulling ranks

James Hall

My wife is a ranker. We finish a delicious pizza from Domino’s: “Do you like it more than Papa Johns?” she asked. We watch Iron Man 3: “Where would you...

The Day 2 bump

John Crews

I’ve looked at my results over the past two events and realized I have a pattern that has been a part of my career. Let’s call it the Day 2...

When duty calls

Bernie Schultz

Across the country, there are countless programs dedicated to educating and involving America’s youth in the sport of bass fishing. Some are for juniors; others target high schoolers and college...

An act of deflation

James Hall

Have you ever had the chance to look at the very first issue of Bassmaster Magazine? Many of you may be nodding your head to the affirmative, as B.A.S.S. members...

Counting to five

Bryan Brasher

The best tournament anglers in the world make mistakes during every event they fish. In 220 tournaments over two decades, veteran Virginia pro John Crews admits he’s made plenty. So...

Father’s Day blessings

Bobby Lane

I’m dictating this column on Father’s Day. I’m on the second leg of a 19-hour drive home to Florida after fishing the Bassmaster Opens EQ tournament at Oklahoma’s Lake Eufaula....

Enjoying time at home

Scott Martin

Our summer break gives us nearly two months between Bassmaster Elite Series events, so I’m enjoying my time at home. It’s always nice to be close to family, but this...

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