Gear Review: Seaguar InvizX


Seaguar InvizX 


Bass fishing is full of choices and variables. The recipe for success on the water boils down to two things: making the right choices and controlling the variables you can control. Choosing wisely when it comes to fishing line allows you to control perhaps the most important variable in all of bass fishing. 

Fluorocarbon line is the most widely used and versatile line type for bass fishing today, and Seaguar can make a claim no other brand can. In 1971, Japan-based Seaguar became the first fluorocarbon leader and line in the world, earning it the distinction as the longest in production for the category. 

Having literally invented this type of line half a century ago, Seaguar is still one of the industry leaders in the category. Multiple types of quality Seaguar fluorocarbon are available for specialty techniques and to suit preferred angling styles. 

Among all the choices in the lineup, InvizX lands in the sweet spot, offering avid anglers a lot of bang for their buck. 


Fluorocarbon line sinks making this line undesirable for topwaters. You’ll want to go with a monofilament or braided line for those applications, for which Seaguar has products available as well. But for almost everything else below the surface, fluorocarbon is a great choice. 

Not all fluorocarbon is created equal. Each line varies from company to company and even from model to model within the same brand. Fluorocarbon lines are most commonly categorized and compared to one another by line diameter and pound test. But Seaguar takes this even a step further, ranking their lines in comparison to one another based on five additional criteria: knot strength, castability, abrasion resistance, memory and price. 

InvizX has the best castability of all Seaguar lines, ranks high on the abrasion resistance scale and is above average in knot strength, memory and price. All these high scores make InvizX a great selection to use for anything from a shaky head to a lipless crankbait. Seaguar’s highest quality standards make it a bit of an investment. However, it is well worth the price for a spool of line that will last a long time and can be used for a wide range of applications. 


$30.49 (15-pound test; 200-yard spool)



I’ve personally used this line as my go-to fluorocarbon for more than a decade. From fishing tournaments to just fun fishing ponds with buddies, InvizX is affordable enough to spool up a few reels, while reliable enough to know that it will hold up in any situation, within reason. I wouldn’t recommend punching mats with InvizX, but that’s not what it was designed to do. 

I know from experience that InvizX is great line for cranking rock, flipping wood and fishing around all types of cover. It’s extremely abrasion resistant, ultra-clear and soft as well. Once you get into the 20-pound test range, this line can get a little stiff. But 17-pound and smaller is soft with little memory, making it easy for tying knots. 

I would wager that I have put over 1,000 bass in the boat using InvizX, and to my recollection it has never once failed me. So, using this line is an easy choice for me to make, and it definitely helps me control the variables I can control.