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Elite Carolina Rig tactics

Michigan angler Chad Pipkens is one of many pros who still employs an old-school Carolina rig. Photo by Andy Crawford

It's OK; we can talk about this. You don’t want to do it, you hope you don’t have to do it, but sometimes, adults must do things we don’t want to do.

Relax, no one’s going to make you declutter the garage or eat your broccoli. We’re talking about the old ball-and-chain — that one presentation option that tends to prompt furled brows, pursed lips and snorting exhales, but also the same one that can finish a limit or get one started.

Fair enough — the Carolina rig is old-school, and it’s decidedly nonfancy, but this patience-tester plays a key role across the bass spectrum. We’ll bypass the 101-level rigging tutorial and instead share some perspective from Bassmaster Elite Series pros who aren’t too proud to say that they’ve embraced the C-rig’s fish-tempting prowess.