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Advanced frogging techniques

Any list of essential bass lures would be woefully incomplete if it didn’t include the hollow, snagless frog. You can effectively fish this potent topwater bait over the nastiest cover,...

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How to fish oversized topwaters

The Megadog from Megabass is not your typical topwater stickbait. At 8.6 inches in length and 4.6 ounces in weight, it dwarfs the walking baits commonly used by bass anglers...

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Giant plastics on a Carolina rig

The Carolina rig is regaining the respect among Bassmaster pros that it once had when the technique first rose to popularity in the 1980s. The reason? A more open-minded approach...

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How to fish spoons on docks

Many anglers how hop flutter spoons over the same points and ledges they comb with deep crankbaits, football jigs, big Texas rigged worms and Carolina rigs. When the spoon bite...

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Froggin’ with Bobby Lane

Given that Bobby Lane grew up fishing shallow lakes in his home state of Florida, it makes sense that he prefers to fish skinny water. He has aptly demonstrated his...

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